“Swag Angel (Ain’t You)” Haz Solo



Milwaukee’s own Haz Solo produced and spit on his new single “Swag Angel.”  Artwork for the track from the boy Whaz.




Mic Terror X Jugrnaut

the only thing this has to do with music is that this song is tight. Otherwise, Chicago MC Mic Terror and clothing company Jgrnaut collabed on a teeshirt, which is also tight. Bitches wanna fuck me cuz I’m famous…sounds like a Lil B song

Summerfest: Day 2

Last night was a perfect opening for Summerfest’s first day. Despite the local tragedy, there was perfect weather, plenty of bands, and of course…roudy motherfuckers. Tonight the decision of which show to see may be obvious, however there is still plenty going on if politcal, gangster rap just isn’t your thing.

But it’s mine. Especially when it’s Public Enemy, the pioneers of such genre. Oh, and if you’re going just to see Flava Flav, please stay in back. You can catch them 10:00 pm at the U.S. Cellular stage.

Since you’re going to Public Enemy anyway (you’re going, right?) you might as well get there early to check out Malik Yusef who performs at the same stage, but at 8:00pm.

AND even before that catch Milwaukee duo The Lab Experiment (The Rusty P’s Adam James & producer Brandon Birchbauer) of Uni Fi Records at 5:30, also at the U.S. Cellular Stage.

So really, unless you like mediocre rock bands & bands covering classic rocks your best bet is to stay at the U.S. stage all night…with me! See you there & enjoy! Spilt Millk, son.

If you don’t plan on going to Summerfest at all Monkey Bar (1619 S. 1st St) is having a show with the homies Blizz McFly, B.U. & more.

Sean Smart & StereoType “Special Place”

Fairly new artists StereoType (Los Angeles) and Sean Smart (Milwaukee) recorded and dropped “Special Place” all in the same day. This is their first single off their upcoming album (which should be released in a couple of weeks) produced by Milwaukee’s own Moses.

Freddie Gibbs “My Way Home”

Freddie Gibbs & BJ The Chicago Kid “My Way Home” is the newest leak off What’s In My Headphones mixtape that drops tomorrow. Sounds West Coast as hell, super heavy. Both Gibbs & BJ have their own separate projects coming out soon.

Download HERE

M.I.A. “Born Free”

M.I.A. released a couple of hours ago today her new single “Born Free” most likely going to be off her third (still untitled) album due June 29th.

Punk, Rock, Bass.

Download HERE

B.o.B. Feat. T.I. “Not Lost”

Not on album B.o.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray (released 4/20/2010). Coldplay sample, produced by J.R. Rotem.

Download HERE