Ernest DjBuggz Martin

1.) What made you decide you wanted to pursue being a DJ? I was influenced by early years of hip-hop when it was all about the essential four elements: the MC, DJ , Graffiti, and B-Boying. I have always been a fan of the genre. My dad is a musician, he would play music, write,record and sing with me around all the time and would let me scrach on his old 45″s.

2.) What do you feel separates you from the rest of Milwaukee DJ’s that spin? I am a DJ presence but a B-Boy by heart. If i’m not spinning and i feel a groove coming on I’ll get into it on the dancefloor. Me and my camp “entertain” rather than just pressing play when we execute an event.

3.)Do you have a certain style when you play? are there any barriers in your style (for example do you only play one style/genre of music) I/we mostly play Rap and R&B, but we are also versatile because we’ve done events playing TOP 40, Salsa,Reggaeton and a mix of others including House, Jazz and numbers of requests. A4.) As a Dj , you really have to have thick skin and know that if what your playing isn’t to the crowds liking , that u have to switch it fast or you’ll lose the crowd’s attention.

5.)As a DJ, you and the artist performing have the best view of the house most of the time. Describe the scene, and how it might compare to other cities? Do you feel our late night scene can turn things up a notch? Our Night life scene is improving , as compared to a couple years ago, but there’s always room for improvement. People forget this is a city, and all the clubgoers want the scene to flourish.

6.) If you could work along one other DJ outside of your camp, who would it be and why? I would say Kid Capri , he’s been in the game a long time, he’ professional and i ‘ve never heard a bad thing about the guy. Also, Jazzy Jeff who’s very skilled and underrated (which most good DJ’s are).

7.) The site originates from skateboarding so I have to ask, have you ever tried skateboarding growing up? if not have you ever thought about it? Fo sho…. I am from the BMX, freestylin Skater era. I could do Ollies and 360’s all day. I had a Variflex…lol, a Bruce Lee and a Joe Cool board. I also had a Mongoose w/ caliper brakes, diamond seat and mag wheels. If I could name some of the movies that inspired me from that era they would be ” Gleaming the Cube, Rad Racer or RAD and Beat Street” .

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