Jinesis: Oh Please

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The Coffee Shop by JINESIS

One of Jinesis’s first endeavors, The Coffee Shop (Vol. 1) was intended to be a companion of sorts to J. Dilla’s “Donuts” by utilizing some of the late producers same sample choices chopped differently. However, somewhere along the way, the project became it’s own stand alone project and alerted the online beat community to what Jinesis’s chops and drums were like.

Homeboy Sandman “Not Pop” (Remix)



When first hearing Homeboy Sandman’s  “Not Pop” song there were lines that stuck out to me. One of the lines was “they tell me dumb it down, I tell them smarten up”. At first I was going to take that part and flip it on some chop & screw vibe, but that didn’t happen. I decided to turn this flip into a remix and I came up with this.
We the Spartans, son. Pardon us.

TMB Presents: “Otisis” Jinesis Produced & Otis Redding Sampled Beat Tape


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