M.I.R Shows Love To Music Video SFX Artist Cici Andersen

Cici Andersen is a SFX Makeup Artist in Los Angeles,California.  She has worked with many bands for video shoots, actors for movies, and models for various photo shoots.   In 2008 she left Maryland for the West Cost to pursue her dream of becoming a SFX Makeup Artist, and after completing a SFX Program found her apprenticeship under Brain Penikas. “He took a huge leap of faith taking me on. I came in with a very small portfolio of the few things I learned in school and no experience in the field. He put a lump of clay in front of me one day and told me to start sculpting (what would be my first prosthetic (a recreation of a UrRu from the Dark Crystal.) I think we were both kind of surprised when I didn’t totally suck haha. I love sculpting now, and want to do it as often as I’m given the opportunity.”


1.You were at one point a Creative Artist, Educator and Stylist for one of the largest salons in Baltimore, MD.  How did that lead you to leaving for the West Cost and becoming a SFX make up artist?

Honestly, I was just fed up with my life. Some times the best way to reconstruct is to deconstruct. I started thinking about how I’d gotten to that point in my life, and realized it started with my dream of moving to LA for SFX makeup school. But timing is everything. I didn’t have a college fund coming out of high school and I couldn’t afford to do it then.  I went to college only because they (various organizations) had given me money to do it, and because that’s what everyone else was doing…I started my career as a cosmetologist, (and eventually dropped out) because it was the closest thing I could think of to what I originally wanted to do. Years later, my hairdressing career afforded me the opportunity to pursue my dream when I was at one of my lowest lows in life. I felt like I was on autopilot when I decided to flip my life upside down and move away. I had no idea what I was doing, really.

2. You’ve done many different styles of art – sketching, drawing, painting, hair, sculpture.  What is it about FX make up that attracted you so much to it?

Artistically, I think it’s cool that you can add or subtract  to a face using prosthetics to make an actor appear to be something else. You can make beautiful people look old, ugly, mangled, or just make them into another species entirely.

3. What is the most difficult challenge of SFX make up?

There are challenges every step of the way from creating the concept art to  the application.

4. Is it sometimes awkward or uncomfortable working on someones face? It must be very stressful with the person watching every move you make.

Like anything; cooking, driving a car, whatever, once you learn how to do it, it becomes second nature. There are people who are easier to work on than others, some people aren’t used to having someone working around their face, eyes, etc. and flinch or squirm. Part of my job is to relax them, put them at ease. The removal of prosthetics isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world. Having a headcast one can be uncomfortable for some people, especially if you’re claustrophobic. Most Actors are troopers though, they will do what it takes to get the look for their character.

Where to find more of Cici’s work:


twitter @ciciandersen

facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/CiciAndersen?ref=ts

You can see her work on Freddy Kruger in “Wet Nightmares” on The Station video

Interview by: Steve Pittelli (twitter @dearrdiary)


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