Jonathon Frost (talented + Funny)

Watch this video before you read the bio, it prepares you in the best way.

Unlike most aspiring musicians, Jonathan Frost chose not to spend his entire career waiting for his proverbial “big break”. Instead, Frost, a 27-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer from Milwaukee, WI, nearly walked away from the music industry after becoming the in-house producer for a critically acclaimed, Grammy award-winning rapper. Producing for major label artists provided Frost with a financially stable career, but the restrictions placed on his craft by corporate executives left him feeling less than content. Frost’s desire for happiness presented him with a difficult decision: he could continue traveling the safe path and risk not being proud of his work, or he could venture to make music that gave light to his creative vision. Inspired by his wife, newborn son, and music legends like Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Lauryn Hill, Frost eventually chose the latter. In the end, while working two blue collar jobs, Frost created a unique, yet familiar style of music that blends Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronica, Alternative Rock, and Retro Pop.

Whether writing and producing songs about the glory of love, the pitfalls of vanity, the search for self-identity, or triumphing over adversity, Frost’s relatable lyrics, along with his melodic musical landscapes, warm baritone voice, charmingly freckled face, and bright red hair help to enhance his widely-appealing guy-next-door persona. Although Frost’s lyrical content and middle-class upbringing tend to mirror the typical American experience, his motives for tackling a singing career offer a distinct contrast. When asked recently about his solo project, Frost answered with an innate humility that has endeared him to the hearts of his fans, “This project is important to me because I want to show today’s generation that you don’t have to follow social constructs to be successful in entertainment, and in life more broadly.” This concern for the welfare of others lies at the core of his music. Ever astute, Frost recognizes that his music holds the power to provide him with a platform to effect positive change. “I’m no saint or sage. But I’ve experienced more than the average person so I try to live by the old adage that if you know better, show better,” continued Frost.

Never one to be pigeonholed, Frost hopes to eventually transcend the music industry and earn the right to be recognized simply as an artist. Music will always be Frost’s first love, yet he understands that it is but one form of self-expression. “If I feel like sculpting a statue of a cherry blossom or writing a book about the Civil War, I want the creative freedom to be able do that, and still be respected by my fans and peers.” For now, Jonathan Frost remains singularly focused on crafting a quality debut album that will stand the test of time. “Great music creates nostalgia. So if people can look back at my album 20 years from now with fond memories, I’ve done my job.”

Read more:

I’ll wait for you(track)

Also check out J. Frost this saturday at the Bad Genie  in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

789 North Jefferson Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 273-0555


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