Summerfest: Day 3

Wow, ok, so I never thought I’d hear Flava Flav say “WHAT’S UP MILWAUKAAAYYYY.” My ears are still ringing from that show, but I digress. On to the next one…and for today that includes a couple of bands to check out if you’re just looking for a good time (ok, duh).

If you didn’t get tickets to see Tom Petty at the Marcus Amphitheather for the second night in a row, country singer Phil Vassar might be up you’re alley. He’s playing 10:00pm at the Harley Davidson stage…otherwise the rest of the concerts are pretty much feel good rock bands, anyhow.

Including Cage The Elephant. These good ‘ol Kentucky boys pretty much look like they guarantee a good show. Check them at 10pm at the U.S. Cellular Stage.

Atlanta band, The Constellations, seem to be worth going to see, as well. Half hip-hop & rock, they somehow make their sound work.  10pm at the Potawatomi stage!

If you’re looking for a more chill experience (not sure how that works at summerfest) then check out Milwaukee’s the Rhythm Kings at 8:00pm at JoJo’s Martini Lounge


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