Yung Triz Interview

1. When did you first start rapping?

I been rapping since I was 12, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was 16.

2. What’s uptown bringing to Philly rap that other parts of Philly aren’t?

I feel like Uptown is the “under dogs” when it comes to Philly underground rap.  We bring a more creative and structured style to the city.  We try to stand out by bringing different material.

3. Out of all the Philly rappers, what makes you different?

I listen to a lot of Philly rap, so I try to stay up to date with everyone that’s making an impact on the city.  I feel like my thinking process when I’m doing a track is what makes me different from a lot of rappers.  I treat every track like it’s the last one I’m ever going to do.

4. What are your musical influences?

My musical influences come from a lot of artists both signed and unsigned.  I came up listening to Biggie and Jay-Z.  When I saw their success and impact on the music industry, I felt like I wanted to be like that in my community.  I want to be remembered as the person that put Dogtown on the map.

5. What are your top five favorite rap albums?

My favorite albums are:

Biggie – Life After Death

Jay-Z – The Blueprint

Young Gunz – Tough Luv

Young Jeezy – The Recession

State Property 2

6. What’s your motivation to keep pursuing rap?

My motivation is my team and my family.  They keep me going and keep me motivated when I need it.  Theodore Grams is a major part of my current stage and my success.  He taught me that it’s more than bars.  He taught me different aspects of the music genre such as structure, versatility and to think outside of the box.

7. If you were to make it big rapping and became rich, what’s the first thing you’d do?

The first thing I would do is start a smaller branch in my organization to continue my business and keep it growing.  Probably buy a bunch of jewelry and cars too (laughing).

8. In the ‘No Laces’ music video, at the beginning you say, “No one is really putting it down for Dogtown and nobody really knows what Dogtown is.”  What do you feel everyone should know about Dogtown?

I grew up in Dogtown, probably one of the smallest hoods in Uptown Philly.  I’m from Sharpnack and Ross St.  Born and raised in the heart of Dogtown.  We are more than a hood, we are a family.  It’s all love at the end of the day.

You can check out Yung Triz at and

Also look out for ‘Mr. Sharpnack N Ross Vol. 2 mixtape dropping soon

Interview done by Steve Pittelli (Twitter @dearrdiary)


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