Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains is an Indie-rock/post-rock group from Purchase, New York. Their first album, Pneuma (self release) was released in 2007 and later reissued in 2008 through Deep Elm Records. Following this was the release of their EP Foreword (self release). Pneuma was a self-produced 10 track album with powerful, ambient songs accompanied by powerful drumming and plenty of delay effects on guitar. The album was a very well put together and produced album. The one major downfall was that the guitar riffs were so technical and impressive but the drumming was just so basic and extremely repetitive throughout the songs. Their following EP, Foreword, was a huge improvement. Their song writing had greatly improved and the production was much better. MTV has even played their songs Aphelion, 8105 and Fourth on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom episodes. They have toured with Thursday, The Fall of Troy, Straylight Run, Say Anything and The Dear Hunter (all bands worth checking out). They also performed at Bamboozle last weekend. Moving Mountains is definitely a band worth listening to and one to look out for in the near future.


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