Ray Nitti’s “APRIL SHOWERS” (mixtape)

Thanks to the world of twitter I’ve  had some dumb ass arguments, as well as random ass attacks towards my character for voicing my opinion over 1 song(1 song that I still today  do not like). What if those attacks on twitter were successful?..anyway all of those arguments  was because of  Milwaukee’s most influential  artist Ray Nitti, and his club banger BOW! I personally don’t like BOW, but only because I don’t do clubs so I don’t listen to any bounce, club, ass shaking music.. Did I think he could rap before today?  NOPE.


I never heard of Nitti before BOW! I thought that was all he had in him, so he was basically ranked at like “5” in my book. This whole time I’ve been telling friends, “I wanna hear some other shit from him, until that day comes I ain’t fuckin with him”. I finally got my chance to hear something different yesterday(April 25th). The mixtape was called “April Showers” I didn’t know what to expect, all I know is that the whole time it was downloading I had my fingers crossed. He reps the city so it’s only right that I have love for him even if the only thing we have in common is where we currently live. The last thing I wanna see is a artist out there making us look bad.

After 6 songs in my whole perspective on Nitti changed, the man can spit and from what I’ve heard on this mixtape he definitely deserves to be where he is today.This material from Nitti is refreshing and after hearing the whole mixtape I felt like I could finally debate about his skills but be on his side. I feel like  Nitti’s back was against the wall, and this mixtape is like his way of fighting his way out of a corner lots tried to back him in… Kudos to Nitti for steppin it up, dopest mixtape to date in Milwaukee city right now..check it out!!!   –  @Sk8tareeves aka @SpilkMillk


Twitter- @RAYNITTI

Shout out to @MRNEGATIVEJBZ 4 shootin tha mixtape my way


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  1. #BOW! LOL

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