Chester French

1.) How does it feel to have that first album behind you?
Great. We’re working on the next one now. 

2.) does the pressure for the second album magnifies or does having a album behind you now make things a bit smoother? It’s less stressful, I’d say, since we know what to expect in releasing a record. It’s always exciting to share our new work with people though.

3.) The first track I ever heard from you guys was “chimmy choo’s” I immediately put the album on my ipod, it was a good song but most importantly it was a different sound. Can we expect the same feel/sound from this new album or is it in a whole new direction? It will be quite different though hopefully retain the same qualities you like.

4.) Any special guests we can expect on this second album? or is it a secret yet. We haven’t decided yet.

5.) Half of this blog is devoted to skateboarding, Have either one of you ever attempted skateboarding growing up? Of course!

6.) If you could enter the studio with any artist in the world (Deceased or Alive) who would it be and why? Too tough to say. We really love Andre 3000’s work though.

7.) What was it like touring with Lady Gaga? you ever mistaken her for Marilyn Manson during the tour? It was a pleasure.

8.) Which one of you used the condom from the album cover? Both of us.

9.) If I’m correct Chester French is still alive, have you ever met him in person?(if so what was it like, if not would you like to) He’s sadly been dead for a long time.

10.) When is the next Chester French show in Milwaukee gonna be? Not sure yet. Hopefully we’ll tour shortly after we release the next album.

11.) We appreciate you guys for giving us the time of day, before we go Milwaukee and the world would like to know what date/quarter you guys have in mind for the release of the new album? It will depend on the record label’s timetables, so we sadly can’t say yet, but stay tuned to for updates.

Fan Section of the interview, where we pick 3 of your fans and let them ask the group a question.

1.) Emma Lehman- (Green bay,WI)- ” What made you guys decide to make a song about famous female shoes”? ……. We just felt it fit the lyrics of the verses and was a catchy idea!

2.) Dani Shores- La cross,WI- Are you guys single ? (lol) It depends on the day!

3.) James Davis- What was your first reaction when you found out the deal with star track was complete and you were officially on the roster? We were very excited about the possibilities it created for us.


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