Do’s and Dont’s

Do’s and Dont’s with Milwaukee’s rapper kash
Your a rapper and you just got your first gig booked for friday night in milwaukee. What do you DO? and what DON’T you do? GO!
  • Do: Get to the venue early, survey the stage and see what you got to work with, and introduce yourself to the dj.
  • Do: Mingle with the crowd already in attendance. make sure the people u invited are enjoying yourself.
  • Do: BE fitted…if you look wack, the crowd may lose interest before you even start.

DON’T: Have your vocals on your show set tracks. Most likely the sound system is crap and they’ll have a hard enough time recieving you.

DON’T: arrive late…you are not lil wayne…that shit is tacky.

DON’T: leave after your performance…this is crucial time to network and get to know people.
Coming from a fans point of view I can tell you right now I agree with everything my man said, When cats make those mistakes it can get hella irritating. We drunk and wanna show! then after come say was up to ya boy…lol… too many cats do a set and bounce, as a fan I kinda feel like I was tookin advantage of. I say that because 9 times out of 10 you had a wack ass set…just saying, come entertain me with a conversation if the performance wasn’t up to par.

You can find Kyle Kash music here


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