Curren$y Ft. Nesby Phips-Prioritize

Ok, the tickets for Wiz Kahlifa was sold out N shit so I didn’t get to see him. Curren$y show is next week in chicago, best believe I won’t make the same mistake twice!


2109 South State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616



From New Orleans, Curren$y!!!

Surprise Host!!

L.E. For The Uncool

Hip Hop from Columbus, Ohio!

Fly Union


Mic Terror

When you hear this signature call, you know it means a good time. You know it means juking, drinking and good music. You know it means debauchery, insanity and all around fun. You know it means Mic Terror.

Mikkey Halsted

UNCROWNED KING In a congested rap landscape a militant MC with respect for the art of wordplay, musical integrity and a respect for the sacred power of music has emerged from Chicago, hip hop’s latest hot bed for talent. Up steps Mikkey Halsted a product of the Southside of Chicago’s notorious Wild 100’s section.

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